Stage 3 Chunky -Variety Pack (Please note no product exchange are available on this package)


A small variety of all the different meals packed in one to introduce to your baby.


5 x Tropical Fruit Medly

A lovely mixture of papaya, strawberries and banana all mixed in one. It can be served as fresh fruit or with ice cream as a desert. 80gr.


2 x Cinnamon Butternut

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it is important to "flavor-up" some of the veggies without using sugar or other preservatives by making use of spices. Spices enhances the flavor of veggies 80gr


2 x Vanilla Sweet Potato

Vanilla is added to the sweet potato to bring out the natural sweet flavor of this vegetable. 80gr.


2 x Ginger Carrots

Ginger is another new flavor introduced to your baby. Just like most other spices it spices up the veggies. Fresh spices are used when preparing the veggies. 80gr.



2 x Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

The best quality beef is used and sweet potato is used in stead of white potato. Why? Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients and also having a lower glycemic index than white potatoes. 100gr.


Beef &;Veggie Stew

It is a combination of fresh beef and veggies all in one and could be given as a meal. 100 gr.


2 x One Pot Chicken Dinner

All the goodness of fresh veggies and good quality chicken all in one. 100 gr.


Chicken Stew

A meal all in one with fresh chicken breasts and good quality veggies. 80gr.

4 x Rooibos Apple & Pear

Home made, high quality fresh Rooibos Apple & Pear steamed and processed to the specific texture. No added sugar, salt or preservatives. 80gr.


Butternut & Mince - 80gr


Butternut & Chicken - 80gr


Gem Squash & Mince - 80gr


Gem Squash & Hake - 80gr


Carrot & Chicken - 80gr


Carrot & Red Lentil - 80gr


Broccoli & Chicken - 80gr


Broccoli & Hake - 80gr


Sweet Potato & Chicken - 80gr

Stage 3 Chunky -Variety Pack