With the birth of my grandson I suddenly realized that the world has changed a lot since I had children. It is then that Ouma’s Baby food was born. I have a passion for healthy food , and I want to make mothers more aware of healthy eating. I want to make working mothers lives easier so that they could spend more quality time with their baby & family and at the same time to develop babies love for healthy food.

Ouma’s Baby Food doesn’t contain any sugar, salt or preservatives.

Every step is taken to ensure the baby foods are made from only the highest quality fresh vegetables , fruit and protein. All the fresh product are steamed and then blended and pureed to the specific texture and special attention is given to hygiene and only BPH plastic tubsare used .

Hope you enjoy our Food!

With Love

Corlia Lemon



Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00

Cell : 082 853 5778


 Sales : sales@oumasbabyfood.co.za

Baby Club : babyclub@oumasbabyfood.co.za



143 Brand Street

Ficksburg, 9732

Freestate, South Africa